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Bladder cancer occurs when a malignant tumour exists in the hollow organ lying in the pelvis, called the bladder, whose function is to store and process urine flowing from the kidney to the urethra. It can be a dangerous disease, it may spread throughout the body, forcing the victim to undergo a situation in which malignant cells break away from the primary cancer and travel throughout the body to settle and multiply in several other locations. In certain circumstances it may be possible for a bladder cancer solicitor to make a personal injury compensation claim against a negligent employer.

Bladder Cancer Causes

The causes of bladder cancer are not entirely known, although the two principal contributory factors are smoking and exposure to certain industrial chemicals. Bladder cancer caused by exposure to industrial chemicals is a real and dangerous possibility. Numerous new cases emerge every year in which workers in certain industries develop bladder cancer linked to chemical exposure. If you are unfortunate enough to contract this condition, it may be worth asking whether contacting a bladder cancer solicitor to make a compensation claim is appropriate. Your employer has a legal duty to ensure that your health and safety is guaranteed at all times and they may be liable to pay you substantial compensation if it is shown by your bladder cancer solicitor that by exposing you to certain chemicals and by not doing enough to protect you from their effects, you have developed a dangerous disease.

Bladder Cancer Occupational Risks

Which workers are at risk? Those exposed to chemicals in coke works and in gas works have a prevalence to the disease, as do those in synthetic dye, rubber and cable manufacturing industries. It is not only those in traditional 'blue-collar' industries who are liable to suffer. Workers in scientific laboratories who work with chemicals and in the printing industry are also at risk. This list is clearly not exhaustive; there are a range of other occupations in which exposure to suspect chemicals may be a factor and it is vital that you obtain legal advice from a solicitor on bladder cancer compensation claims if you have this disease and believe that exposure to chemicals may have been a cause.

Seek Advice

Do not simply let your employers shirk their responsibilities. Hopefully any cancer would be caught early and sufficiently treated, but by insufficiently protecting you from the harmful effects of chemical agents, they might be liable for denying your family a husband, wife, father, mother, son or daughter. We can help you assert your legal right to bladder cancer compensation if you suffer from the disease. With hope, the prevalence of these claims will make employers more aware of the real dangers of the disease and ensure that other workers in the same or similar industries are better protected against a potentially life-threatening condition.

Bladder Cancer Solicitors

All bladder cancer claims are dealt by our lawyers using the no win no fee* scheme. In the event that the legal claim is lost there is no charge made to the client. Your claim is totally risk free. If you would like to speak to a bladder cancer solicitor you can either use the helpline or complete the form or email our solicitors offices. If after talking to us you decide not to take matters further then you are under no obligation to do so and you will not be charged for our advice.



*Legal Information

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