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Gymnastics will always be associated with injuries for so long as athletes push themselves to achieve better results however whilst no fault injuries do frequently occur there is no excuse for personal injury caused by a negligent third party. Participation in gymnastics always carries risk however where the injury is caused by negligence and someone else is to blame there is an opportunity for gymnastics injury solicitors to claim compensation for which most facilities and teams are insured.


Negligence in gymnastics can result from inadequate coaching, foul play, poor refereeing, violent criminal assault, defective premises, poor surfaces and faulty equipment both in training and during an event. Furthermore there are occasions when spectators are injured during gymnastics meetings due to the negligence of a third party including crushing injuries due to poor crowd control. In the event of any of these occurences a gymnastics injury solicitor may be able to claim compensation.


The award of damages for the pain and suffering of any injury is determined by a judge based on the extent of the injury, the recovery time and whether there are any permanent problems. The assessment is based on government guidelines and awards made in previously decided cases. In addition a gymnastics injury solicitor can claim for all financial losses including wages and other assessed loss including loss of lifestyle and disadvantage on the labour market where appropriate.

Time Limits

There are time limits for personal injury cases. A gymnastics injury solicitor must either settle the claim or proceedings must have been issued in court within three years of discovery of the injury subject to exceptions for minors and the mentally incapacitated. Limitation is a difficult area of law and you should seek urgent qualified advice if you are in any doubt about the expiry of the period.

Gymnastics Injury Solicitors

Our gymnastics injury solicitors specialise in no win no fee* personal injury compensation claims. Our lawyers are members of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) panel of personal injury experts. We deal with a wide range of sporting injuries including fractures, tripping and slipping injuries, spine injury and head injury.
Your athletics injury compensation claim will be in very safe hands.

Our lawyers work on a risk free no win no fee* basis. You do not have to fund the claim. If the claim is won the other side pays your legal charges. If the claim is lost you pay nothing. For free advice with no further obligation just call the helpline or complete the contact form or email our offices. A specialist personal injury solicitor will advise you how to preserve your legal right to claim compensation.



*Legal Information

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