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Obstetrics and Gynaecology - Solicitors Compensation Claims

The field of medicine that deals with the well-being of women related to their reproductive system is known as gynaecology. The closely associated field of medicine that deals with all aspects of pregnancy and the delivery of a child is known as obstetrics. About half of all solicitors medical negligence compensation claims involve gynaecology and obstetrics. Most of these complaints stem from negligence by healthcare professionals in failing to successfully treat patients in terms of their sexual difficulties, infertility and urinary incontinence. Patients suffering from these conditions which are of a very personal and intimate nature are often depressed and psychologically incapacitated :-

    When a contraceptive device is defective thus unable to stop conception it may be possible to claim compensation. Also, if during the insertion or placement of the contraceptive device, nearby structures are injured then this may also be grounds for a legal case alleging medical negligence against the healthcare provider.

    Undergoing abortion is a risk in itself however the risk may be elevated further by the negligence of the physician carrying out the procedure leading to damage to nearby organs or by inadequate after care resulting in infection.

    Inadequately carried out surgical procedures or those carried out without adequate consent can result in compensation claims alleging medical negligence. Many operations are now carried out using keyhole surgery which carries its own specific risks :-

    Laparoscopy or keyhole surgery is a less invasive surgical procedure since it only uses a couple of incisions made into the abdominal cavity to accommodate the insertion of a micro-camera and other surgical tools. This process has a highly defined structure that the physician has to follow and any deviation from the established protocols brought about by the negligence of the physician may cause trauma and injury to the patient.

Common Negligent Errors

The majority of claims for medical negligence as a result gynaecological errors relate to contraception and abortion issues. Complications with contraception may include the failure to prevent pregnancy or the perforation of the uterus through introduction of a coil. The perforation of the uterus can also occur during abortion and infection of the uterus may cause the need for a hysterectomy and the subsequent loss of the childbearing capacity of the woman. Gynaecological errors range from delays in confirming pregnancy and mis-diagnosing genital cancer to a plethora of injuries through mismanagement of surgical instruments and unnecessary operations. As this field of medicine is so complex and involves many different disciplines, procedures and surgery the incidence of medical negligence is high.

Gynaecology - Medical Negligence Solicitors

If you believe that you have been the victim of error in the field of obstetrics or gynaecology you should contact a specialist solicitor who is a member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority panel of medical negligence experts at the first opportunity. Public funding (legal aid) for medical negligence cases in a court of law is available to qualifying applicants from the Legal Service Commission based on a means test. There are time limits and you should not delay taking legal advice. Failure to comply with the time limits on obstetrics or gynaecology medical negligence compensation claim cases which are outlined in the Limitation Act 1980 can mean that the opportunity to claim compensation is lost forever.



The author of the substantive medical writing on this website is Dr. Christine Traxler MD whose biography can be read here