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Our pedestrian accident solicitors are members of the Solicitors Regulation Authority panel of personal injury experts. They deal with pedestrian accident compensation claims using the no win no fee* scheme. Over 20,000 pedestrians are killed or seriously injured every year and people of all ages are affected however school children and the elderly are the most vulnerable. More than 3,000 child pedestrians suffer serious injuries every year with excessive vehicle speed being a factor in a third of these accidents. Road traffic accidents are the biggest single cause of accidental death amongst children and young people.

Pedestrians casualties continue to be a matter of major concern to the safety authorities. Hundreds of pedestrians continue to be killed or injured every year and people of all ages are affected. School age children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable and almost half of all fatalities occur in the late afternoon. Excessive speed of the vehicle involved is a factor in almost a third of these accidents. Road accidents are the biggest single cause of accidental death amongst children and young people.

Pedestrian casualties continue to show an upward trend with about a quarter of all casualties are either killed or seriously injured compared with about10% of other road user casualties. 90% of all injuries to pedestrians occur on urban roads and about 10% of all road casualties are pedestrians.

Most of the pedestrians killed and seriously injured in road accidents are hit by a car. No legislation exists to set out minimum requirements for pedestrian safety. The European Enhanced Vehicle-Safety Committee has proposed requirements for cars which are incorporated into the draft European Directive which, if adopted could save hundreds of lives per year if all car models performed well in these tests. These requirents include enhanced profiles and crumple zones on car to reduce the effects of impact. Car-makers have made very little progress in pestestrian protection and only the Honda Civic has come close to the requirements.

Compensation includes �General Damages� which represents compensation items that are difficult to calculate accurately and include �pain and suffering� , loss of the enjoyment of life and disadvantage on the open labour market. In addition a claim can be made for �Special Damages� which represents compensation for losses that can be accurately calculated and includes loss of earnings, care and general expenses.

If you�ve been involved in an accident we can help you to preserve your legal right to compensation. We offer free consultations for advice to find out whether you have a good case, how to go about claiming and how much your compensation might be worth. We will give you clear unequivocal advice about your chances of success and the anticipated value of your claim. If after talking to us you decide not to take matters further you are under no obligation to do so and you will not be charged anything at all.


Road accidents can be particularly difficult so far as evidence is concerned especially if there are no independent witnesses. In order to establish liability against a driver our pedestrian accident solicitors regularly call upon the services of specialist forensic accident reconstruction experts who will present scientific evidence following detailed analysis of the circumstances of a pedestrian accident. Recent advances in computer technology have made it possible to recreate accidents using the latest virtual reality programs which take into account physical evidence, road geometry, weather conditions, injury mechanism, ergonomics and technical data. Information from tyre marks, pedestrian throw, pedestrian speeds, reaction times, coefficient of friction values, vehicle mass, angles at impact and visibility can be mathematically modelled to estimate speeds and ascertain the possible sequence of events.


A serious personal injury can be devastating for both the victim and their family. Every case is different in the severity and the consequences and for those who sustain severe injuries rehabilitation can be a difficult challenge. In addition to the pain and suffering of physical injury victims may also suffer emotional anguish which requires psychological treatment. Most victims have to cope with loss of earnings and loss of independence in the short-term and whilst money recovered through a pedestrian accident compensation claim cannot make up for the suffering caused, it can help to alleviate financial distress. Our pedestrian accident solicitors will give you an early indication on the chances of success and will give an estimate of potential damages that may be awarded at the first opportunity.


Most traffic collisions involving pedestrians cause severe personal injury and victims and their families face lost wages, pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Family members suffer economic loss, mental anguish and loss of companionship. In the event of death, families are torn apart without warning. Pedestrians who are hit by motor vehicles may have a claim against the driver but it must be proved that the driver was negligent and his negligence caused the accident. The very nature of the circumstances of an accident involving a pedestrian usually suggests that the driver will ultimately be held responsible and pedestrian accident compensation claims claim will usually be successful.

Pedestrian Accident Solicitors

If you instruct our pedestrian accident solicitors to represent you in a personal injury compensation claim it will be dealt with on a no win no fee* basis otherwise known as a conditional fee agreement. No legal charge is payable unless the legal case is won and the client obtains an award of compensation. In the event that the legal claim is lost there is no charge made to the client. Our solicitors will give you a complete personal service and will keep you fully updated in writing on the progress of your claim. If you would like free advice on personal injury claims from accredited experts just use the helpline or complete the contact form or email our offices and a member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority panel of personal injury experts will speak to you on the telephone with no further obligation.



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