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With over 600 million prescriptions being issued by doctors every year it comes as little surprise that patients sometimes receive inappropriate medication. The General Medical Council estimates that as many as 10% of all prescriptions are in error as a result of mistakes made by doctors, pharmacists, technicians or nursing staff. Prescription error can be an extremely serious matter with numerous fatalities attributed to medical negligence caused by avoidable mistakes most of which involve dispensing and administration of medicines. The most common prescripion error relates to administration of the wrong dosage however there are also numerous instances of hospital inpatients receiving medication intended for another patient.

Prescription Errors

There are a number of scenarios relating to prescription error that may result in a successful compensation claim for medical negligence including :-

    Allergic Reaction - a patients medical notes may indicate an allergy which is ignored by medical staff resulting in a severe life threatening allergic reaction.

    Incorrect Dosage - this may result from a doctors error or an error in dispensation by a pharmacist who should in any event notice a clear prescription error by a doctor. Most dangerous is children being prescribed adult dosage in error.

    Extended Medication - medication may be prescribed for an inappropriate period of time causing unintended physical damage. In particular repeat prescriptions need regular consultation.

    Incompatibilities - all medicines come complete with a contra-indications sheet which outlines incompatibilities with other medicines which should always be considered by doctors and pharmacists when prescribing and dispensing pharmaceutical drugs.

Prescription Error Solicitors

Most specialist medical negligence solicitors will give substantive free advice to establish whether or not you may have a potential prescription error compensation claim that is worth pursuing. Don't rely on what you read here or on other websites when you can get free qualified advice from a prescription error solicitor for the cost of a phone call.

Our prescription error solicitors deal with claims using the risk free no win no fee* scheme. You do not have to fund or finance the compensation claim as it proceeds. If you lose the claim, you pay nothing.



*Legal Information

The author of the substantive medical writing on this website is Dr. Christine Traxler MD whose biography can be read here