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Bullying in school has been a dilemma since time immemorial. In recent years, authorities have finally begun to take a firm stance against bullying. Children who are bullied are at risk for psychological damage that effects all aspects of their lives, both academic and socially. Typically, bullied children are reluctant to come forward to authorities for fear of retaliation by bullies. Unfortunately, bullying still exists despite recent attempts by authorities to eradicate this anti-social behaviour. Bullying is not an issue which can be swept under the carpet. The toll of bullying has been well publicized in the media in recent years, with accounts of pupils who suffer psychological damage to the point where, in some tragic cases, these students have seen no escape route other than suicide. Our school bullying solicitors can provide assistance if your child is a victim of this type of behaviour.

Portrayal of a Bully

Bullying can take many forms. Vulnerable school children endure bullying in the guise of physical, emotional and verbal intimidation. Bullying does not necessarily have to take place on school grounds; it often occurs when children are walking to and from school and in their neighbourhoods. Some victims are physically beaten, while others are threatened with violence. Theft of possessions is common.

Equally harmful are taunts based on sexual gender or orientation. Pupils may be equally miserable due to their schoolmates shunning them. Rumours and petty gossip intended to ostracise fellow class mates are painful for recipients. Girls are often the object of unwanted sexual attention from males, which can run the gamut from suggestively inappropriate comments to actual sexual assault.

Safe Environment

School representatives, including teachers, counselors and administrative staff, are under a legal obligation to ensure students are guaranteed an education without threat against their well-being. Protocols must be implemented and followed to protect pupils, so that every student has an equal opportunity to receive his or her education in a safe environment. In fact, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has addressed the issue of bullying and all educators should be informed of the contents. In the event that the relevant authorities fail to provide a safe environment for all of their pupils then the authority may be liable in negligence and school bullying solicitors can instigate a compensation claim against the education authority.

Case Law

There have been a number of very substantial damages awards to children who have suffered bullying for long periods of time. In a recent case a child was severely mistreated whilst in school for over a year and suffered intense psychological complications from violent behaviour, which included threats of death. The bullied child developed several psychological conditions including panic and anxiety attacks, eating disorders and fear of public spaces. Although the behaviour in this particular incident extended over a lengthy period of time, school authorities failed to take preventative measure. Other parents of bullied students attending this same school are deliberating whether to take legal action.

School Bullying Solicitors

Our specialist personal injury solicitors deal with school bullying compensation claims using the no win no fee* otherwise known as a conditional fee agreement. No legal charge is payable unless the legal case is won and the client obtains an award of compensation. In the event that the legal claim is lost there is no charge made to the client.

If you would like advice at no cost just use the helpline or email our offices with full details and an experienced school bullying solicitor will contact you to give advice with no further obligation. If after discussing the matter with us you wish to proceed no further then that is your right and you will not be charged for our advice.



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