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The Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) scheme does not apply to the victims of crime injured in a foreign country. An individual injured in a terrorist related incident also can not usually make an insurance claim as most insurers exclude any terrorist related incidents from their indemnity cover. The Victims of Overseas Terrorism Compensation Scheme became law in 2010 as part of the Crime and Security Bill. This legislation seeks to remedy previous inadequacies by providing compensation for those suffering personal injury in a terrorist related incident which occurs in a foreign country. Our UK terrorism compensation solicitors can make application for a payment on your behalf under this legislation.

Terrorism Claim - CICA & VOTCS

The Victims of Overseas Terrorism Compensation Scheme (VOTCS) seeks to encourage insurers to provide indemnity for terrorist related incidents by provision of a fund of last resort, to place the assistance given by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and consular authorities on a statutory footing and to provide awards from public funds to victims for personal injury and loss to be administered by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in a similar fashion to current CICA applications. Our UK based terrorism compensation solicitors can make application under this legislation.

Time Limits

The Victims of Overseas Terrorism Compensation Scheme applies to personal injuries caused by any terrorist act that takes place abroad on or after 18 January 2010. However the government will also provide assistance to eligible victims of overseas terrorist attacks since 2002 which will include payments to victims of previous terrorist atrocities such as those in Mumbai, Turkey, Bali, Egypt and others.

Definition of Terrorism

The definition of 'terrorism' under the legislation is similar to the definition contained in the Reinsurance (Acts of Terrorism) Act 1993 and the Terrorism Act 2000. It is estimated that the cost of running the new Overseas Terrorism Compensation Scheme will be £3,000,000 per year however it is open to the government in due course to outlaw insurer’s terrorism exemption clauses effectively requiring them to pick up the bill. This act will not in reality apply to EU member states most of whom have reciprocal arrangements in force allowing applications for compensation to be made to schemes similar to the UK CICA scheme.

Tariff Scheme

The Victims of Overseas Terrorism Compensation Scheme is administered in a broadly similar manner to that used by the CICA when awarding compensation to the victims of criminal assault that occur in the UK. Awards for personal injury will be based on a tariff scheme with a maximum amount payable and awards for qualifying financial losses will also be capped. Eligibility will be restricted to UK nationals and those with sufficient connection to the UK to justify payment. Our solicitors are well versed in CICA applications, carrying out hundreds every year and can make this application on your behalf.

Terrorism Compensation Solicitors

Our lawyers are specialists who are registered by the Solicitors Regulation Authority as members of the personal injury panel. We have extensive experience of criminal injury compensation claims. Our terrorism compensation solicitors operate the no win no fee* scheme otherwise known as a conditional fee agreement. No legal charge is payable unless the legal case is won and the client obtains an award of compensation. In the event that the legal claim is lost there is no charge made to the client. If you would like free advice with no further obligation just email our law offices, complete the contact form or use the helpline.



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