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Compensation claims arising as a result of vibration injury caused by an employer's negligence can be complex and technical and you need to be represented by a vibration injury solicitor who has detailed experience in handling occupational injury claims. If you believe that you may be suffering from a vibration injury including "whole body vibration syndrome" (WBVS), "hand arm vibration syndrome" (HAVS) or "vibration white finger" (VWF) as a result of your current or past employment you should contact our vibration injury solicitors without delay. If you are suffering from vibration injury because your employers failed to provide adequate protection you deserve to be compensated. The law states that you must commence Court action within three years of when you knew or ought reasonably to have known that you have such an injury and failing to act quickly could damage your chances of a successful claim.

Equipment & Environment

Anyone who uses rotating, vibrating or percussive hand-guided power tools or who works in a vibrating environment is at risk of suffering from a vibration injury including "whole body vibration syndrome" (WBVS), "hand arm vibration syndrome" (HAVS) or "vibration white finger" (VWF). These conditions can lead to significant health problems and can adversely affect earning capacity.

    Vibration White Finger - VWF

    The use of vibrating tools can cause the development of vibration white finger or VWF which is a term used to describe damage to circulation, mainly to the fingers arising from contact with vibrating tools. The initial symptoms are a tingling sensation and numbness or whiteness of parts of the fingers which with continued exposure to vibration may become more severe, particularly in cold weather. During an attack the normal sense of touch is lost in the fingers and subsequently fingers may become painful when the circulation returns. Eventually the hands may also lose not only sensitivity but strength and dexterity which often affects the sufferer's ability to work and interferes with home life. There is little effective treatment once the condition has developed due to damage to the nerves and nerve fibres.

    Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome - HAVS

    This condition mainly affects workers who have used heavy duty vibrating tools including those involved in mining, road maintenance and construction. Also affected are people who use sewing machines, grinders and floor polishers etc. Hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) also includes the condition known as vibration white finger (VWF).

    Whole Body Vibration Syndrome - WBVS

    This condition causes considerable pain and discomfort and affects those who have been subject to a vibrating environment such as standing on a vibrating platform or riding for considerable periods of time in a vibrating vehicle including road transport and watercraft. Whole body vibration syndrome is a form of Raynauds Syndrome.

Vibration Injury Solicitors

Our vibration injury solicitors are experienced personal injury specialists who have many years of successful industrial disease compensation claim settlements behind them. They will initially assess your claim, give you an early indication on liability and the potential value of an award and will deal with your claim using the risk free no win no fee* scheme otherwise known as a conditional fee agreement. No legal charge is payable unless the legal case is won and the client obtains an award of compensation. In the event that the legal claim is lost there is no charge made to the client. From the very start you will be in the hands of an experienced specialist personal injury solicitor and you will not have to deal with any unqualified member of staff. If you would like free advice just use the helpline or complete the contact form or email our offices and a member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority panel of personal injury experts will discuss your claim on the telephone with no further obligation.



*Legal Information

The author of the substantive medical writing on this website is Dr. Christine Traxler MD whose biography can be read here